Loss of identity

I feel as a veteran of bf3,bf4 & various cod mw that bf1 has moved closer to cod to attract more mainstream & casual gamers.They’ve over simplified flying and the lack of customisation on guns in favour of ready made set ups and shortened conquest time.All of which make a game which is fun to play I got to level 41 but it just doesn’t feel like a battlefield game.

I can see what you mean but the way I see it is it’s refreshingly different, the in game sound is absolutely brilliant, the auto triggers from allies or foes made me laugh and the visuals is wow! Weather changing is very welcoming and the basic list of weapons to choose from is great, no laser sights, no X20 scopes for a magnum, no grips but there is bipods, also no lock on weapons

I also realized when I was flying around, the enemy plane shot off my tail wings, I could not steer the plane very well, it was harder, I had repair it to gain better control of the plane again, many classes in the game, depending where on in what you spawn, the M1911 is very inaccarute when hip firing which I like, it gives that feels of a world war 1 happening