March 2016 Battlefield 4 DICE Friends Recipients

The Dog Tags have been sent to the winners Origin account email address. If your code is missing, hit me up on Twitter - []

And without further ado… Here we go!

TolikPavlov - Tolik is a well-known Battlefield photographer, which provides us with a high-quality shots for almost everyday usage. Thanks to him we can fully confirm that Battlefield is visually gorgeous game. He is also a leader of the Russian “Battlefield-Life” community. Thanks for your dedication, Tolik! []

Daniluk4000 - Daniluk4000 is a very active administrator of Russian Battlefield community. Active member of Answers HQ and hyperactive Battlelog helper. Being constructive and creative are great qualities for the Battlefielder, and we salute you! []

B4D_RUSSI4N - B4D_RUSSI4N is actually a good russian: he helps us with keeping Russian Community Battlefield servers up, running and populated.His knowledge of how to serve the community helps us a lot — and we are grateful to him. []

Golden-Eagle-SA - For maintaining the Middle East community and managing several servers, and is the founder of [] []

W4rH0rse - Assisting many players with the DICE LA camo (including trasnlating morse code) and the phantom bow with all the dog tags []

The_Wilgis - Assisting many players in obtaining the DICE LA camo on his server, this dedicated player puts others first. []

INachol - Has offered his skills to create dogtags for players presentations, is generally helpful and constructive with the console community and spends some time helping people on AHQ []

Officerlatrel - Has spearheaded many PS4 events on the forums, such as a short film and a bounty event. He’s helped greatly in bringing many members of the community together. []

b2tchwood - Actively participates in forum and reddit discussions providing constructive and valuable feedback for the PS4 community, as well as assists in the Forumfielders Hangout servers for PS4. []

pressy519 - Nominated by MANY people for his assistance in decoding the morse code for players to acquired their DICE LA camo []

spitfiresiemion - AHQ Hero, regular of the Friday Night Battlefield events, Siemion is always willing to help other community members and promotes positive interactions. []

Deity7777 - Leader of the Angels of Death clans. Runs multiple servers, promoting fair-play, fun, and team interaction. []

AoA_BOHICA - DRMB leader and Arrogance of Aggresion clan member, stream manager, dedicated fan and community member. []

Noble888EmilyEv - Active helper on AHQ with the Italian community, and assists with entering bugs in the bug tracker []

Oolala8D - Streamer and community influencer, she has fun with the community and regularly shares content on her channels. []

GrizzleBF - Content creator and community influencer, Griz has been a dedicated community member since Battlefield 2. []

AdonisUndead - Streamer and content creator for BF4 and BFH, Adonis continues to share his created content and streams, promoting the Battlefield franchise. []

M1k3ol - Battlelog Moderator and community helper, Miguel tirelessly works to keep the community informed and as a safe place to discuss all things Battlefield. []

FAST_15_1988 - Community influencer, streamer, dedicated fan, and content creator. []

Prophet_on_Fire - Community influencer, streamer and content creator, and dedicated fan, Prophet is a member of Clan Lucky strike and regularly streams when he’s not tattooing. []

IAKAARTI - Content creator. This community member has created walkthroughs and guides for new players (and techniques to enhance the playstyle of some veterans). []

larrylaessig1 - Community influencer, fan, and event creator, known for the Humans Vs. Zombies events on PS4. Larry really cares about the community and continues to create Game with Dev events. []

TheBullzeyeKK - Dedicated community member, Easter Egg hunter, cinematic cast member, Bullzeye has been a steadfast fan and dedicated community member. []

TapouTony420 - AHQ Hero, regular of the Friday Night Battlefield events, and dedicated fan, Tony puts the community first by volunteering to help with troubleshooting, tech issues, and game interaction. []

JoolzR33 - Aus/NZ outstanding community member, providing feedback on server maintenance and the CTE, and helping with local & internationals Aus/NZ events. []

ssgalucin - For 3 years, ssgalucin was helping RU moderators with their work, so Battlelog forums are always clean. He also is a HERO on EA Answers HQ and Eashooters. Thanks, soldier. []

andrey-platunov - Andrey is an Answer HQ moderator who has put in a lot of time and effort in helping users. []

MugsTV - Streamer, content creator, and dedicated fan to the Battlefield franchise. Check out his stream sometime! []

justbiglee - UK Community Manager for Battlefield, Lee continues to drive excellence for the UK Battlefield community. []

JRWhitey - Joseph has been instrumental in helping the Battlefield team deliver live streams to our community. His technical prowess, dedication, and personality are the stuff of legends. []

NewWorldShogun - Veteran of the franchise, Shogun is a dedicated community member in multiple clans such as Arrogance of Aggresion and DRMB. Always promotes teamwork and playing the objective. []

T3RRORTOAST - German Community Manager & Theme Developer @ BETTER BATTLELOG, T3RROR has helped create many themes for the browser add-on and continues to work to expand the community. []

Congrats to these recipients and thanks for being part of the Battlefield Community!


I’ve got a set of dice tags on my account

Really? What is your Battlelog ID, I would love to check them out


@Intercepter29 I suppose I could have guessed that! Are you a PC player?


I think there should be somenough tags for true Battlefield Veterans.

There is something like that in the Origin client. I will grab a screenshot when I get home

Alot of people have the Dice Tags but only because of a glitch. Only you can see these tags but when you kill someone wearing the tags they show blank for them. A hot patch fixed it so you could keep the tags but not officially have them unlocked. In order to obtain the tags you must redeem a code through origin

I’ve got dice tags not friends tags

Oh yeah? Any footage of the glitch in action?

It wasnt like a purpose glitch more like a Game Bug

And patched out of the game

Yep yep. So when they patched it, it allowed the player to keep the tags, but if they equip them they dont show up in the kill cam, the show up blank.

Only select people got em sometime ago none of my friends ple i know got them and even people I know personally got them

[FONT=Times New Roman]Like I said, game bug. Now theyre patched and blank for every one else but you[/FONT]

Well, I say let them keep it!