So it looks like we just hit our first 100 members in slightly less than five weeks of being on this thing we call the interwebs.

Yay us!

Now, lets see how fast we can get to 200

Awesomesauce! Here is to another 100!

Is there a battlefield forum in Twitter and Facebook?

YEs, we are on twitter, not facewbook

Feel free to start a Facebook page!

Admins and timelord if I start one would you come in as admins as Well?

For sure!

BATTLEFIELD FORUM on Facebook it has to be capitals

You have a URL?

Got it?

Got it! You posted it twice!

Thanks to Twitter I know about this forum!

Happy to have you!

Timelord you aplied to join the forum Facebook page yet?

We just created a new one! Why not throw us a like?

I might shut my Facebook page down then

Sorry man - I needed to get access today

I did send url and would of made yah admin but that’s kewl

Cheers mate - appreciate the like BTW!