Microtransactions reportedly cosmetic-only



Following in the wake of EA and DICE’s controversial microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II, the companies are reportedly taking a different approach with the loot boxes used in Battlefield 2018.

According to Kotaku, sources claim DICE is intending to have this year’s Battlefield 2018 only include cosmetic-oriented microtransactions and not those that would affect a player’s abilities in-game. Kotaku’s sources also claim, however, that the plans for the games microtransactions have changed and may change again before its release, so this plan is not set in stone.

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Battlefield 2018 Single Player Story

About time they did away with the “pay to play” stuff in gaming. I dont’ care if people pay for different outfits, skins etc, but for a distinct gaming advantage? That has no place in modern gaming


Awesome. We won’t want another Battlefront debacle on our hands. Hopefully the cats over at DICE have learned their lesson


Just came across this video that helps explain


They had better have learned their lesson after the backlash over what happened in Battlegrounds


I refuse to support micro transactions in games and will not spend a penny. If it’s cosmetic such as skins ect I’m ok with that but the minute someone gets an advantage over me because of a micro transaction that’s when the line is crossed for me.