Monthly Top Five Battlefield Images

From the Official Battlefield website, here are the best images of January so far. I would think that some members of this very forum can product better content than this.

I just noticed that one of our community members was nominated by the official EA account. Well done @Carpo_Sco You are now internet famous!

I’m the second one :grimacing:

Whoah! Another member of the #virtualphotography royalty has joined our little piece of the internet. Welcome aboard, and congrats to you @TheBrokenHelmet

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Congrats to the ‘nominees’. Is this some kinda EA program that they have just started, or has it been going on for some time?

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Thanks! i won the Contest which is surprising considering some of the awesome artists who entered lol

Million dollar question, what was the prize? Sneak peak at Battlefield 6? LOL!

That depends on what your definition of " better content than this" is?? :rofl:

Hrmmmmmmm Speaking in tongues are we… Do I smell an NDA?

Lol , i was referring to the main post at the beginning…

Anyway i won a big swag bag, an RTX2080TI ,Art of Battlefield V book (my second one now) and a Battlefield Mousemat.

DAMN! That is a fantastic prize pack. In my opinion, well deserved. Would you be interested in parting ways with the Art of Battlefield book?

Thanks, plan was to run a giveaway for it over on twitter once i receive it, so keep an eye out on there :wink:

Pefectamundo! I think I will get a copy and offer it as a prize for the community also!

So, we have two out of the final five on this forum? This place is starting to attract all kinds of internet celebreties…

@TheBrokenHelmet @Carpo_Sco Do you guys know the other finalists?

i know 2 of the other finalists, one is andy89dk and the other R0adkill78, who is another admin at Scottish hellfighters with me :+1:

What is the Scottish Hellfighters? A Battlefield clan?

We’re a multiplatform Battlefield platoon but we also play other games too :+1:

Do you have a website I can check out?

Found it.
Gaming | Scottish Hellfighters Platoon

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