My Idea for a Battlefield Game


IMAGINE we wake up tomorrow and the world is being invaded by an alien race…“Battlefield Earth” the world’s armies at war with an alien race. 32 on 32 mp battling to gain control over the world. Imagine a game where you would be able to destroy NYC or LA while fighting alien invaders. Imagine a Battlefield on the streets of Paris or London where the Eifel tower or Big Ben could be brought crumbling down…this game based on current day…modern armies and weaponary…no wall jumping/thruster packs bs like C.O.D. but now aday militaries fighting for control over our world…every country united in a common cause. You would either spawn in as one of the world’s military (USA, British,French,Russia,China) or the alien race, battling in countries major cities…flying a Raptor or BlackHawk…driving a hum vee or M1 tank. I have asked many…and the response was great…people would play that…people would love this…

What are everyone’s thoughts?


Oh man! This brought back some horrid memories of the movie Battlefield Earth, other than that I kinda like the idea!


Lmfao, yeah everyone says that…Im sure a better title could be thought of. But to me this could be what Hardline wasn’t. The start of another Battlefield franchise.


Yeah - Hardline just really didnt hit the mark where it should have. It was a fun game, but it wasnt “Battlefield” level fun


Right! It was with a few friends but…just lost something if your squad wasn’t with you.