New Battlefield 1 Trailer - The Weapons of Battlefield 1

Oh hell yes.

[GALLERY=media, 229]Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series- Weapons by Timelord_ posted Aug 4, 2016 at 3:33 PM[/GALLERY]

And we have horses. Horses people.

Wasnt there a flamethrower in the original trailer?

Looks like mortars are back in Battlefield 1


So pleased to see that open-topped Armoured Car. This means that the Rolls-Royce won’t be the only scout vehicle and that we may see a much larger variety of vehicles than the closed beta implied.

Open Top car + Mortar = bad news…

Get in line!

Incoming mortar!

I was just going to post that but you beat me to it…LOL

I love it!

You can see bottom left corner near the map it shows his icon yellow instead of the normal green, so maybe he is some special class.

So slow! :wink:

This is why we need a colour blind mode… All looks the same to me

I think that orange icon is the player who’s actually playing in the video. So if you’re playing, the orange icon is you…I think.

Yeah from looking at it they changed your squad icon to orange so you know which dot you are on the radar

OK - that will make my life a LITTLE easier, but do we really need an icon to identify where you are? Isnt it assumed that you are in the middle of the HUD?

Mortars were a thing in World war 1, I did read it somewhere, sorry for the late replies, been busy this weekend and trying to do some catching up on here, I don’t mind mortars on conquest large but on a rush map… that’s a different ball game… really hard to defend when you get mortared, haha, challenging but still fun

Just pray that the guy operating the mortar is not fully covered by a wall or something. Then get your sniper friends to take him out from a distance.

I will charge them! With the boynette knife charge abilitly

These are Luger 1906 rifles that use the toggle locking system of the P08 Luger pistol. Please someone have these in the game.