New Map coming at Gamescom

At EA Play, Battlefield Squads pit 64-players in the first-ever livestream of [I]Battlefield 1[/I] gameplay. Next week at Gamescom, we’re deploying it again. On August 16 at 12PM PT/9PM CEST, a new Battlefield Squads livestream will show off a new map filled with Only in Battlefield gameplay. There’s a new trailer coming soon, too, with a trainload of new information about Battlefield 1.

In case you’re wondering, yes, “trainload” is a tease.

This time around, team captains Stoddeh[/URL] and [URL=‘’]Drift0r[/URL] will be leading a crew of your favorite YouTube personalities, Twitch Streamers, and internet stars. They’ll be joined by the likes of [URL=‘’]StoneMountain64[/URL], [URL=‘’]XfactorGaming[/URL], [URL=‘’]ImAnderZel[/URL], [URL=‘’]TheRelaxingEnd, and many more, going on a destructive adventure into the desert to showcase a new map filled with points to capture, horses to ride, and things to demolish.

What’s going to happen? Who is going to win? Will anyone blow up a tank from horseback? You’ll have to tune in on August 16 at 12PM PT/9PM CEST to find out.

They’ve released an image of the upcoming map.


Take a good look at those flags. Though you can’t see them very well, you can tell that they are completely red. I think we are going to be seeing another faction, the Ottoman Empire, on the 16th.

looks like a lot of different maps, city, desert

Higher quality image posted above.