New to the forum


Found this place on twitter good to see passionate battlefields like myself. I am from Kansas City area, a father of 3 married and 40+ year old gamer. I am a tech for a living and love to help with all my kids events from scouting to baseball.

Been in the battlefield games since the original 1942 on the PC. Played most of them a ton except hardline which I wasn’t a fan of. Just hit rank 140 a few days ago on BF1 and clocked 460+ hours in the game. Super excited whats next.

PS4 (F1SH_KC) - I get on when the kids are asleep around 9pm cst.

Hope to see some of you on the battlefield!

Jason aka F1SH


Hey man - welcome to our little corner of the internet.

Sounds like you and I are in a similar position. Wife, kids, started playing with Battlefield 1942.


Welcome to the family! i have a feeling this place is going to grow alot in the next year or so


Fingers crossed!

This is where you guys, the community come in. Bring in your friends, family, online friends, online family, etc here.

The more members we have, the more interactive the discussions, etc.


Thanks guys excited to be here.