New User of the Month


Yay me! So who else got this, system says that two people are awarded this!


Not met thats for sure, but I did score this bad boy!


What the deuce? It’s only the middle of the month, why are they giving out member of the month right now?


@AppleGuy said the system told him 2 awards were given each month, maybe one half way and the other at the end.


I just looked on the software vendors website, and it is generally awarded to new users who meet x criteria within a certain amount of time. Best I can tell x =

  • of the user accounts created in the last (x) weeks …
  • take the top (y) users by post likes
  • consider ratio of total new user posts in the interval to likes, so we aren’t necessarily rewarding one post with 50+ likes
  • for the interval, award two users the badge and send out a congratulatory email (we provide the default copy)

Not sure if that helps, or makes things more confusing.


Well, I guess we will see if anyone else manages to get a badge before the month is over.