News on the next Battlefield game. Coming today

Hrmmm, I am hearing rumor’s that there may be a teaser for the next Battlefield game (which we now know the name of) releasing today. It will be a video clip.

That’s all I know for now.


We know the name of the new Battlefield game? %100 confirmed? Would you be kind enough to share it with us?

Let me pull up a chair and get ready to rumble.

dis gon b gud popcorn GIF

Ohh really hopes that this is true and we get a reveal! :smiley: :smiley:
Curious the name? Do we know the name?

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What’s your Source?


The source will be revealed if things turn out to be true. I don’t want him to look like a knucklehead if this is not correct.

BTW, what is /20char

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just to fulfil the 20 character requirement

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Hahah! Smart man! Now why have I never thought to do that. Instead I just ramble in into the night like I am doing now!

Battlefield got something magical inside it and I believe the new BF will crash us all to the ground :open_mouth:

I’ve been always fan of BF series sometimes more sometimes less, as we all.

Come on is it out yet? :grin:

We have months of agony to endure before we are back on some fresh Battlefield maps. They will, in typical DICE fashion, drip feed the community details slowly.

So still nothing huh… As I said on twitter, its way too early for them to show anything, most Dice Dev’s have only just returned from the holiday break too.

Yup, complete radio silence after all that. @Carpo_Sco when do you think would be a reasonable time frame to get a definitive release from EA DICE?

I bet we will have something by the end of March if the other games are anything to go by