Next Battlefield Game


So - where are we going for the next Battlefield game? What would you rather see. Go to the steamy jungles of Vietnam, or back to the beaches of Normandy?

  • Back to the beaches of World War II
  • Let’s go to Vietnam
  • Let’s get futuristic

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Please let’s go back to World War II. COD took a crack of it, and an typical COD fashion, it was too “fake”. Let’s get the vehicles of Battlefield back int he war.


Wonder if we could get away from the whole “war” thing and try something a little different? Perhaps the cold war? What do you think?


When I think of the cold war, I think of a bunch of dudes, smoking and sweating in a dark bunker somewhere, planning what if scenarios. Not sure how they would adopt that to the Battlefield series.


WW2 would be great! “Battlefield WWII” sounds good to me


In the financial calls (yes, I am that guy), they keep calling it Battlefield 2018. Hopefully that does not mean modern day


If you want to play a battlefield ww2 game just play battlefield1942 it is ww2!! hopefully bfv will become battlefield bad company III that’s what true Battlefield veterans wants like me


We will know for sure in another week or so when we get to see some footage from in game.

I suspect we are going to see another trailer also, as the first one was a bit of a fail.


True Battlefield Veterans want to experience a Next Gen WW2 game. WW2 is where it all started, and one of the best eras to make games