Next Call of Duty Title Revealed

And it is… Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare

I heard it has a recreation of modern warfare

I can’t watch the video (data limits)

If it does I’m definitely going to get this game

There is no official announcement yet, however I suspect we will see something in the next day or two.

If it is a Modern Warfare type game, I too would be interested. As long as the timing doesnt line up with Battlefield 5

They confirmed the modern warfare remake


Like Modern Warfare 4? That was one of the best COD games in the last decade


LOL! Very creative way of revealing it…

this is a battlefield forum

i am 100000% not interested in cod

I could be convinced to get it as long as it stays true to the original Modern Warfare, and is released WAY before BF5.

Yeah - but we do have to keep our eyes on the competition to see what kinda nonsense they are up to