Nice to meet you all


1st allow me to thank the admins of this site for making such a nice space to us battlefield players to discuss and talk about our favorite franchise so yeah enough talking and let’s talk about me
the name is mousa as you might guess i’m from the middle east libyan aged 22 and a 2nd year med-student and a otaku and pc gamer my 1st bf game was bf4 then 3 i loved those 2 games so so much i although i’m still a noob (not shy to say it xD ) but they’re fun to play hhhhh i really hope to get the chance to play with all of you guys and hopefully become a pro one day


Welcome to our little corner of the Battlefield! Happy to have you onbaord!


Welcome to the Battlefield Forum! Where do you get the time for gamin as a Med student


recently i don’t, actually i only get some free time in my 2 weeks vacation


The student life! How I do not miss it


you got that right man the amount of frustration & depression & disappointments i get is too damn high especially when the university is not in the same place as your hometown


Yeah - when I went to Uni, it was away from my family also. Hard, frustrating, lonely and expensive all at the same time.