Official Battlefield 1 Reveal (Livestream)

This is where the magic is going to happen. No need to F5, Just let it flow.

I have great sympathy for DICE developers having to develop new versions of their Battlefield franchise, but are handicapped, and nerfed back, because their programming has to be compatible with Microsoft’s slow, old and limited XBox1 hardware. Who would have thought that a Microsoft hardware product would be pulling back the reins on software developement many years? XBox1 is definitely not part of Kermit’s philosophy of having a PC in every home.

I am happy they did not go into the future but the ww1 era does not really appeal to me. It could be an brilliant game if they get the gameplay/maps right but it could also be terrible…

also xbox one early access is a massive sell out.

I’m also happy they did not go in the future like COD. I like history and think this game is gonna be ‘Epic’!!

So hyped :D. Got a video breaking down the trailer…

That is a core issue with the console market. They cannot be upgraded in a timely manner. Currently they are on a 6-7 year cycle. With PC’s it is more like 1-2 years