Origin Access Members can play Battlefield V Early


Looks like I am going to be renewing my Origin Access pass. And cancel the premium pre-order of Battlefield V

Origin Access members will be able to get into a “Play First Trial” of the game on October 11. Assuming it works like the Origin trial for Battlefield 1 did, that will net you ten hours of game time to play a selection of multiplayer maps and modes, as well as a couple of single-player missions. Origin Access subscriptions are available for $4.99 monthly or $29.99 annually.

Battefield V - Preorder or No

Interesting, looks like we will be playing 11th October then!


So you are a PC player? Post your specs or GTFO?


CPU: i7 7700k
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080



Did you hit the lottery?


Complete opposite actually but since i am going all in for youtube and such i decided to actually go all in and make sure that i can create top quality stuff


You have a channel you want to pimp?


Sorry, i dont understand what you mean with “pimp” i have never heard that word in such a sentence :stuck_out_tongue: Do you mean do i want to share it?


No, to pimp it means to promote it!


Oooooooohhhhhhhhh, well yeah… with the current Youtube system the only way for me to get anywhere is to promote it so…