'Other games' section?

Any chance we can get a section for ‘Other Games’ we play?

I saw mention of Rocket League, The Division etc and it made me think a sub forum might be nice. Perhaps have a sticky for Forum Members Steam/Origin/uPlay nicks too?

If you’d rather just keep it all in General Discussion and concentrate the forum on BF games I understand. :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m so used to talking about PC gaming I overlooked PS/XBox nicknames for that sticky list… forgive me console brothers. :rolleyes:

Am I being a total noob? I can’t seem to find an ‘edit post’ button … :oops:

@SkankwOn Let’s take this to a conversation so we can chat. Or, I can setup a subforum for staff members…

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.16.26 PM.png

I’m with @SkankwOn. :slight_smile:

OK - @Mr_JimWest[/USER] and [USER=90]@SkankwOn , I am wide open for anything that improves or community.

What would you like to see added/improved upon?

Just that ‘other games’ for now please, and as mentioned in conversation with you, perhaps in the near future a section for players & clans to advertise for recruitment, matches, servers etc.

Also, I definitely don’t have the EDIT, DELETE & REPORT buttons under my posts → :wink:


That edit thing has to be a fat finger of mine not getting the permissions correct when setting up the board. I will take a look at it once I get to a PC