Our Battle through Battlefield

This is our Battlefield, the one we’ve been waiting for!
I feel the bigger hype as we all did for Battlefield 3, not many got access to that Alpha Trial, never going to forget the excitement and happiness in my eyes and heart.

Been playing all series and so far my favourite is still Bad Company 2.

I look forward for the new BATTLEFIELD and would like to thank you for this forum!

I’ll see you on the Battlefield friends and new soldiers.

Stay safe!

Pazz :metal:

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Yeah lots of idle speculation today. Beyond Modern Setting nothing is confirmed but I’m excited for sure :green_heart::fire::raised_hands:

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Yeah, the interwebs are on fire today for new Battlefield news. It’s getting late in the day to make an announcement,

Actually, as I typed that I realized that in LA, it is still morning time.

Anyway, @Pazz_79 welcome to the forum, and thanks for taking the time to make a post. Why not head over to #general-discussions:da-intros to tell us a bit more about yourself.

You like Bad COmpany 2 better than Battlefield 4? Can you help me understand why?

Don’t get me wrong, bad company 2 is/was a solid game, but if you are talking about a modern shooter, I gotta go with Battlefield 4.

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Bad Company 2 had better building destructions, no funny
Melee animations, just simple knife click :grin:
BF4 took 1 year to fix everything in it where I liked much afterwards.
BFBC2 for me is just better, maybe because I spend more time in it and maybe it’s because I’m still 7th in the world of knife only on leaderboard.
Just my point of view :+1:

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7th in the world? You have proof of that? NOt that I don’t believe you, but if true, you are a legend.

Makes me want to re-install Bad Company 2 now. It’s been so long since I played it.

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Pazuzu79 is my nickname!

Why is the guy in position 6 ranked higher than you? His score is lower.

2600 hours? That is serious commitment to a game! I commend you!

He got more dog tag kills from me :grin:

In every BF I got similar time play, not counting BF1 and BFV :grin:

Dedicated man - that’s for sure. Just as a matter of interest, why were you not able to rack up the hours in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V?

Been busy with other games, like Quake Champions, The Division 2, others :+1:

Quake Champions? Is that a reboot or something of the original QUake? Like Quake Arena?

Quake Champions is totally new game, but yes, it’s like Quake Arena, also it’s free on Steam :metal:

I like free. That’s a price I can get behind

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Yeah rly cool game, you should try it, I would say it’s the fastest FPS game :metal:

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Just watching the speed of that game was enough to make me slightly nauseous. I think I will stick to things that are more my speed.

Online scrabble anyone?

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Lol, I just finished a game of online chess (thanks to the Queens Gambit). That’s how fast I am moving these days

What did you think of the queens gambit are there any other shows that you recommended it’s available online for streaming