Anyone playing Overwatch? I play most of the Blizzard games, but this is just too different to suck me in, however, I could be convinced otherwise…

Nope, not my thing either. Heroes & Generals will have to do it for now. :cool:

If I’d had more time on my hands, I would have tried the beta. But I didn’t. Looks interesting though. Speaking of betas … well pre-alphas, I’ve been playing the new Unreal Tournament. Brings back fond memories.

Ahhhh, I was never a big fan of UT - but I would definitely be interested in see a new version. Didn’t know that was a thing!

Did you play the Quake series? More specifically Quake 2? Or even the Doom series? If so, the new Doom game is so much fun and I haven’t played a lot of multiplayer

@Mr_JimWest - UT was my first taste of online play circa 1999. I ran a clan which competed on Clanbase in UT2k3 and UT2k4 for quite a few years before seeing the BF light. :smiley: The new UT is pure nostalgia for me tbh.

@Blackburn - Yes I’ve played Quake quite a bit, but embarrassed to admit I’ve not played the revered PC classic that is DOOM (the new one looks amazing though)

Anyway I’m doind what I do best … going off topic! Sorry. :slight_smile:

WTF - there is ANOTHER Unreal Tournament??

I am hearing really good things about the new Doom game. Once it hits the bargain bin, I am in.

https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament :slight_smile:

Oh lordy, that’s worth checking out…3GB left.