Phantom Program?

Hey guys, so i had this amazing idea! Imagine something like “The Beginins of the Phantom Program” in BTF1
It would be amazing! But I dont know what type of Special Weapon they will implement in the game


They have to continue the Phantom program!

How about a flare gun! 1in projectile, super deadly close range, fun for night maps [SIZE=3](assuming we will have them)[/SIZE], inaccurate medium/long range - but hit = kill. :smiley:

Damn @Koji Thats a great idea, given the time period that Battlefield 1 is set in…

Were there Flare Guns during the WW1? I don’t have much information about it

Quote: ’
While not intended as a weapon, flare guns have been used as such in some situations.

Towards the end of World War I[/URL] during the Final Offensive of the [URL=‘’]Sinai and Palestine Campaign[/URL], on 19 October 1918 a [URL=‘’]German[/URL] aircraft was destroyed on the ground by firing a Very (or Verey is a flare gun) light into the aircraft. The [URL=‘’]D.F.W.[/URL] two–seater was first seen in the air; the first German aircraft since aerial fighting over [URL=‘’]Deraa[/URL] on 16 and 17 September just prior to the beginning of the [URL=‘’]Battle of Sharon. The two–seater was forced to land and was destroyed after the German pilot and observer had moved to safety.’ Unquote

Click to read more if you would like to, so yeah, it seems flare guns were available during WW1, that would be really cool! Setting the enemy on fire

Yea, I thought it could be similar to the Smoke Nade for the M320 in BF3! Of course it’s original intent is not to put a 40mm nade into someone’s head, but it’s freaking awesome! :smiley:

Very amazing! Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the information dude. Very interesting!

Dont think there were flare guns, but there were flamethrowers. Where is our resident expert @General when you need him

Something like this existed in WWI?

@Timelord_ you need to keep up with the conversation m8. :rolleyes:


Flare guns existed during WWI, Blackburn posted about the alternate use of the flare gun as a weapon, I brought up the fact that the M320 40mm smoke nade in BF3 also has alternate uses, ripping people’s body’s in half. So the flare gun would make an awesome unique weapon for BF1’s Phantom program. :cool:

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