Play Battlefield 1 Before Beta

If you are in the LA area in June, this is your chance to play Battlefield 1 before the beta drops later this year.

I wish I was … and for more reason than to just play BF1! :slight_smile:

If anyone does get the chance, please post your thoughts. :wink:

And some videos!

I will record (and stream) all I can for the Closed Beta!


Yea. I’ll record ALL I can :wink:

Is there a way to sign up for the closed beta?

I think no, you need the code from EA

Ah okay, thanks for the reply

Just as a matter of interest, how do you actually get selected to be included in a closed beta?

I’m part of the Beta Testing Team of EA (For marketing issues). But I usual la Test DICE games, the otherones are testes by my dad.

Your Dad is a gamer? Nice!

Excellent to have a proper ‘insider’ amongst us. :slight_smile:

Let’s see what he can get us for “dirt” from EA play. No pressure @Eddie