Please remember these simple rules

If Battlefield 1 is going to be your first taste of the Battlefield Series, please remember these golden rules.


Some good pointers, but I think Battlefield game has too many casual players to do most of these things, there will always be a camper, I usually spot them with a 20 X scope x)

yeah - thats why you have to squad up. Like the Battlefieldforum crew will be doing in the beta!

Who does the battlefieldforum crew consist of?


Yeah - like when you are a medic - drop the damn med bag

Might need a sticky for this one. Alot of casual gamers are moving over to our community.

Not a bad idea.

Paging @admin

Haha, to practise teamplay I suggest playing Rainbow Six Siege.

Welcome to the dark side. Or the good side… Doesnt matter. As long as you are one of us now

the ultimate team shooter. No rambos in that game

good advice

Will sticky once we get closer to release.

1 v 5 in Rainbow Six Siege is hard man, but if you win the clutch it’s very satisfying, I have never won such a clutch, maybe one day when I am old enough

There is a few rambo’s in R6S, but they die quickly, they usually the defenders, they rush outside and try to get a few kills, they usually end up doing minimal damage to the enemy team