Should they keep commander mode?

I like the concept of Battlefield 2 where the commander had a legitimate impact on the players on the ground. In Battlefield 4, it was almost like a side show. I can’t think of a single time when commander influenced the game to a point where he was the cause of a win or loss.

Yes but make it more like it was in BF2, so you could actually partake in the game if you wanted too (although I only moved to protect my back from stabbing). Although I used to use commander app on a tablet in BF4, it was very limited and I often made mistakes with fat fingers, I don’t miss it now it’s gone. Did anyone else command in BF4 with a tablet?

Yeah - thats exactly what I mean. The “commander only” mode was no where near as fun as trying to find a corner of the map, to be commander, and call in air strikes without getting stabbed.

A couple of maps I got create kills and missile multiples

Yeah - on Shanghai it is easy to get mutiple kills on the tower as long as you have the Cruise Missile ability