Potential Battlefield 5 Info Leak

Take this with a grain of salt.

Battlefield5_2.jpg Battlefield5_3.jpg

Eastern front sounds like World War II. If this is real, we are going back to Battlefield 1942.


Oh my god is amazing, is true? or is a dream

Well, it is really a rumour at this point, so you never know!

But wait, there is more!

And here are our friends from ‘The Know’ discussing the release.

I would LOVE to go back to WWII. Imagine what they can make it look like with todays hardware and the Frostbite engine.

Am I the only one excited that they have mercenaries 3 on that roster?

I waiting for information oficial , this Will be great.

Battlefield and battlefront for me

I didnt play the first two, so hard for me to get excited about it. I just looked up the first two games, and now I gotta go find them on Steam!

@starkillerve2 that is a fact. After the failure that is Battlefield Hardline, they have to pull off a success

If I had a choice, I would go with Battlefield all day long. Been hooked since Battlefield 1942 back in the day

Some high resolution images of the “leak”

I only played the second game but I played the hell out of it. I loved the mass destruction and the story and ridiculous characters. All though I am really but REALLY hoping they make a new bad company game.

You convinced me to go get them! You should get a comission on the sale

I wish I could hahaha. It was a fun game. Specially if you love sending nukes to allies then buying them off with money XD

That sounds awesome!

You should watch game plays of it. There must be tons of them

I found soem last night, and you were right. looks awesome