Potential for Japan Expansion

While looking through the various Codex I have unlocked yesterday, I noticed this one. It was under the category of The World and was one of the few Codex that was narrated. You can look over every Codex yourself by going under Soldier in the main menu by the way.

I think this bodes well for the possibility of DICE including conflicts in Asian in a future expansion after France and Russia, where Japan is faced off against Germany in the Pacific on four maps. This can be a good addition for a variety of reasons in my opinion, as it can expand more on the idea of colonialism during the First World War, add in more diverse environments for maps being jungles as well as islands, and be a good precursor to a “Battlefield” game about the Second World War. This would also align with the themed expansions introducing a new nation each time, with France and Russia coming before it. Moreover, the inclusion of conflicts in the Pacific would not be a tremendous task in terms of adding in new factions, since Germany already exists in the current game and every new map could just be of them facing off against Japan. Lastly, I just want to say that as someone who is Chinese, I particularly wish for a map focused around the Siege of Tsingtao.

Dude that would be absolutely awesome, especially if we could go into most of the buildings and jump from the rooftops, that could be a really successful map, especially for conquest or rush.

Definitely, and perhaps for Operations mode as well. Have you tried it yet?

Oh man - that would be super intense!

With the theatre being areas around the Pacific, an expansion focused on Japan’s conflicts in the region could really bring back a lot of naval combat that I know many “Battlefield” veterans are fond of.

Since many of the battles between Japan and Germany other than the Siege of Tsingtao were quite small in scale, the 64 player modes such as Conquest and Operations will actually be more accurate to the scale of those skirmishes from a century ago.

Has there been any hints from EA DICE that we will see Japan featured?

Not really unfortunately. I am hoping to unlock more Codex to see if there are other references to Japan though.

No I haven´t played operations yet, I probably will later today tho.

Ditto! Bought the game last night (I know - last minute). I didnt see the point in the early enlisters, especially with the ten hours early access

Yeah i only got the Gold Edition for the Premium and steelbook, cuz that thing is sexy as hell.

Pics or GTFO :slight_smile: