PS4 Squad - Up

So I joined this forum to talk all things BF1 but also to play with some veterans.

I’ll be getting the game upon release and hammering it all weekend, who’s with me?

You gonna be online for launch day tomorrow?

Yes pal, ill be on from 6:30pm GMT. Add me TheRidler_

Consider it done when I get to my PC

haha I just assumed youd be on PS4.

Aint nobody got that kinda $$

I’ll add you if you don’t mind? I’m on everyday for a while. I’m very good and I’m trying to find players to play with that have mics! Everytime I play alone no one has a mic and it’s frustrating. I have 2 other buddy’s we bust ass most the time but still looking for more players. If u see this first add me. PSN: BaM_Fusco