Rage Quit Battlefield 5

So with just a few more days until the Battlefield 5 reveal event, I want to know what would make you rage quit? I dont mean Battlefield 4. I mean the series.

For me, I would rage quit Battlefield if it were to go to the future. Give me WWII, or even WWI, but please dotn pull a COD and try to do the future. It’s been done to death, and not done very well.


Same really, the only BF I never really got into was 2142. CoD is getting lambasted for Infinite Warfare, so I’d hope DICE/EA have the sense to realise the majority do not want future warfare.

never thought about ragequiting this way. only when team are really un fair

Have to agree, if the next Battlefield title is going future, I give up on the series

Well, it might be too late. EA may well have seen the roasting that the COD game just got, however they are way too far down the path of development to roll back…


And it’s world war 1 :smiley: YES MAN!! DICE, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!

They already have mine!

I should pre-order as well…


PC mate, will pre-order it on Origin, or will ask my brother to pre-order for me in South Africa on Origin while he is logged into my account, might work out a bit cheaper

£29.99 is cheapest I’ve found yet @ http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/battlefield-1-pc-origin

Thank you! Really appreciate it

YW! :slight_smile:

I think that’s just the basic version though. The pre-order prices on that site tend to fluctuate, particularly closer to release date (ie, go up).

You can order from different geographic regions to get a deal?

How reputable is that site? I can save a cool $30 by ordering from them

Myself and lots of friends have used it before a few times with no trouble. I got Star Wars Battlefront there for a similar price near launch.

You know where to find the “Deluxe Edition” cheap? :confused:

I will have to keep an eye on it as the release date gets closer

Sure, but beware - the price will go most likely only go up rather than down. I’m still not committing until I play the beta.