RE: post errors (48 hour thread then being deleted)

This 48 hour thread is in regards to error posts I made.

I thought I replied to a post, but then noticed it was replied to in another thread, which was strange at first, but thought it was a my mistake on my part.

Then I replied again in the proper thread, and referenced the mistaken thread and it appeared in a way different thread that I didn’t access. Strange again.

Just wanted to let you know. I’ll be back this weekend. But, I will be deleting this thread within 48 hours.

Say what? Can’t say that I understand…

Neither do I. I thought I clicked the reply and answered, but it went elsewhere. When I tried to make light of it in another reply, it was posted elsewhere again. Maybe my router was hijacked? I’ll let it be for now. So far today’s post are in the correct location.

On another subject:
Anyone having problems with Adobe’s Flash driver while streaming CNN Live on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer? (.213 driver for Firefox seems well)


It seems my posts now need to be approved by Mods too. Odd, as the first one I made today didn’t trigger that.

As part of promoting you to community manager I jacked the permissions on that group. Should be all fixed now!

Wow, community manager…congrats…
Is that global community manager? :wink:

It sure is!

You guys ready to have this thread deleted? Jokes and all? lol

Nah - wprth leaving it “alive” in case anyone else has the issue.