What do you PC players use to record your gaming sessions? Currently running Windows 10.

Fraps, don’t recommend it at all though.

Shadowplay for shadowtime reasons
And sometimes OBS, OBS is very good now if you have a good PC to use it for recording, it’s also free

Tried Fraps years ago. Bogged down my whole PC.

Thanks. Others have recommended OBS, so I will get that installed/configured

It has changed a lot, I like the new look too, just download the OBS studio version

Love that it is open source. Which means zero dollars!

Yes, but if you want to, you can donate (you don’t have to), the support is also good imo, really like the people at OBS, plus they added the H.264 for the GPU recording capability, much better overall quality videos (but takes up more space)

In this day and age when you can buy a 2TB HDD for $100, I am not overly worried about the space. like someone else said on the forum, i want to record all game play incase something epic happens. Which in the case of Battlefield 4 is almost all the time.

I have shadowtime enabled for those epic moments in BF4, so even when I am not recording, I can still hit alt + F10 and capture the last 5 minutes of gameplay :slight_smile:

So it is some kind of buffer?

I think so yes, not really sure, it does put 2 temporary files on the hard drive you saving the recordings

OK 0 thanks.

Oh by the way, forgot to mention, you can use OBS to record separate audio tracks using a mixer (virtual or hardware) if you would like to, I do the same with DXtory, I have a virtual mixer with a virtual audio cable installed and works flawless, OBS can do exactly the same thing, Jackfrags has a video about it if anyone is interested