Rented servers

Anyone heard whether you be able to rent a server in BF1?

It has not been officially announced, but you can pretty well gaurantee that rented servers are coming. Nice way to guarantee some recurring revenue once the game has launched.

I hope I can rent a BF1 server, for cinematic and Hattiwatti tool reasons I need to rent a server, haha

So you are into the cinematic stuff? Any content that you want to share that you might have created in Battlefield 4?

I’m gonna be renting one as well on PS4

And we (forum) will have one for PC!

Ah yes! Please do share it so I can add it to my favorites

My BoB mates will be all over it too. :wink:

When I am at my mates house, I will be too!

Just rented one on BF4 to see how it works

What platform?


DOH! Guess, I wont be seeing you on the Battlefield.

Lol, not until I get my PC