RSA players Died out?

Whats up guys,

Im from RSA (South Africa), Finding BF players online is almost impossible, Would love to meet some RSA players looking to play together, I am part of A clan, and would love to bring you guys in, or just play together!

Dont want to advertise, Im not so sure of the rules yet, as im new to the Forum, But Come on, there must be more RSA players out there looking to play together!

Other than, love this Forum!!!

Delta out…

I don’t know. South Africa is a big place, you might find someone on here that would be willing to play with you. If they’re not from RSA then they might get some lag playing on African servers but if they put up with it then have fun!

Why not bring your other RSA mates here so we can act as a community hub?

Ill see what I can do, We dont have any African Servers, we suffer with Lag playing on EU and NA servers, thanks guys

No problem mate! the more RSA folks the better, they are always a friendly bunch.

Fellow Souht African here, I feel you pain man!

I am trying to find locals out there and I’m trying to get a squad going. what platform are you using?

Yet another RSA member joins our ranks… I think even the US guys are outnumbered now!

Yeah, the problem is with South Africa is, there is a lot of servers to play on but they usually empty servers, Telkom servers usually has people on it along with the MWEB servers, but they all have a lack of admin, people going on all racist and bashing each other so badly that any new player would not want to return, I sometimes still play with my brother on SA servers (with a ping of 290) so for obvious reasons I play on Europe servers which gives me a ping of 106 - 150 (I bookmarked a few)

Apart from the lack of players and admins on the servers, there is also your friendly ISP… They offer you a 10MBps download but you get 8 MBps download cough Telkom cough and the upload is usually 1.0MBps if you are lucky… Some SA players is fortunate enough to afford a good internet connection but for the majority, that 4MBps line or even 2MBps line will have to do, I blame the ANC

Wow - thats brutal. What various packages are available from your ISP?

There is Neotel, Telkom, Mweb and Afrihost (to name a few) but running a fiber connection is simply just too expensive for most and Neotel focuses more on business side of things, our internet is kind of fooked… haha, but my brother pays for a 4MBps line and he never see 4MBps download speed, max I think he has ever seen is 3.0MBps, he pays $50 per month but if he downloads a little too much then he will be throttled, he even has bad ping days when everyone is using the internet

ps4, add me if you on ps4

Awesome, I will do so!