Quick question, what is the point of the artillery? I was in multiple rush matches where the enemy team was attacking with out any hesitation, the only chance we had was the artillery and when we called it in multiple times, nothing happened and we were over run with in seconds. What does it even do? Make is rain? Because it did nothing for being one of the most feared weapons of ww 1. The Artillery needs to work like in a combination of both the barrier orbital strike and the soldier ordered orbital strike from battlefront. It needs to be effective and game changing for a few seconds. That way the enemy team fears the attack and gives the defenders a chance.

I noticed that too. Also, some of the damn arty pieces dont work

Might be a bug, I think it bombs everything except the enemy, nice touch to rush tho, all those days I wish I had something to wipe out all those mortar users camping at the back in 1 shot is probably now possible

Slightly off topic, but how the hell do you aim the main bug gun on the train?

I also i have seen this, like what even is this “artillery”? Like when it fires I dont even see gigantic explosions and craters, infact i dont see anything happen at all

Never been on the train, once I get the chance, I will try and figure it out and let you know, haha

Yeah - exactly what I am referring to.

Thanks man!