Russians in the BF1 Singleplayer

Hello chaps.

This was originally in my other thread but I felt it was big enough news that it needed a thread of its own to talk about. I noticed an interesting roundel about 0:44 of the Singleplayer trailer, just as the train is about to hit the cars. After pausing at just the right second I saw the roundel on the left-side car and recognised it as that of Tzarist Russia.

I can only conclude that the Russians will appear briefly in the Singleplayer campaign, either as part of a cutscene or even a mission. The Russians did indeed fight the Ottomans during the war, especially in what was known as the Caucasus Campaign.

EDIT: On further research, I have also found that the roundel was also used by the Americans. While the Americans never fought the Ottomans under any circumstances during the war, I can’t overlook the possibility that this roundel was meant for the U.S. faction and, by mistake, was put into this scene depicting an Ottoman train. Historically, the US and Tzarist roundels were almost identical.

Do check out my other thread for my other observations. I’m curious as to what you think!

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