Any chance they unscrew the snipers really chapped me when they nerves the scoring and seem to go out of there way to rid the game of them… ok let the hate spam begin … sorry was sniper IRL love it in the game it’s relaxing therapy haha

So you are one of “those” guys eh? I dont think they would ever get rid of the sniper role, as there is a certain type of player that loves the long distance shooting.

In Battlefield, there is nothing more satisfying than a shot of over 300 meters

I had a video of me shooting a tow missile through an window and killing some one with head shot will try and find it

Oh hell yeah! Get that on here…

it’s an old clip and laggy and first time recording so please excuse the quality

Yes I was new and a camper

Where in the video is the shot?

Even campers have a role to play in Battlefield.

Can’t remember sorry

Hrmm, I scanned through the video (sorry mobile) and I cannot find it.

Sorry timelord it’s ages ago I nearly forgot it untill this thread

No problem. I will take a close look when I get to a PC. Maybe condense it down!


I dont care who snipes or what, but I feel the teamwork focus should return along with stealth gameplay.

Stealth? In Battlefield? Have we been playing the same game? I can’t think of a single time when I used stealth

My longest the little bit more than 300 meters 1349 I believe and yes I’m one of those guys and for the fill up later on in the post to talk about teamwork when I run with my guys they love me back sniping and spotting all day long ace squad all the time

I love seeing gifs of those long shots. Any chance you have some?

Yeah, that’s my point.

in BF2 and 2142 there were a lot of ways to be stealthy, but with all the mechanics in the game since BC2 (probably BC1, but I play on PC) there is very little stealth.

Ahh! I am picking up what you are throwing down now. There is very little stealth in the new Battlefield games, thats for sure