The Division

Hello fellow gamers,

Anyone here playing The Division after the latest patch? Just asking out of curiosity (I am a bit of lone wolf in game)

I didnt get past the beta I am afraid. That game is not my type of game at ALL

No worries :slight_smile: only curious, I sometimes try to brake away from the arcade style shooters and play more games like this, The Division sure looks good

I couldn’t even touch the beta - no thank you. Blackburn, I need a Division buddy! I HATE playing that game alone. What level you be? - wait, I’ll PM you. :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile:

Same here mate, I gave it a couple of hours in the beta, but I didn’t see enough to make me want to shell out £40 odd.

Yet another one that I will probably get when it hits the bargain bin

Be careful of that though, I already heard that the servers are waaaay low - not as bad as Battlefront I’d hope.

Man - a lot of these "fly by night’ games coming out lately.