The French

Do you guys have any info about the French in Battlefield 1 ? So far we haven’t seen anything related to the French.Perhaps we will see them on June 12th? I’m not French, but not adding them would be such a shame.Not adding the Country that lost 1.3 milion men during the war is plain dumb.

No official news yet, however I suspect we will see something this weekend

Well here’s what we know;

  • We know that the British and Germans are in thanks to the livestream
  • We know that the Italians and Austro-Hungarians are in, thanks to the ‘maps’ Battlefield page which explicitly states so.
  • There is significant evidence of Americans making it in, thanks to the ‘Harlem Hellfighters’ pack, a concept art of an American aircraft, and the fact that the ranking system still follows the American system of military ranks. Yet no gameplay of them as yet.
  • There appears to be a single concept art picture that shows a French aircraft flying overhead. ( (Near the top)

What I think;
I suspect that different maps will be exclusive to certain factions. As we see more, they’ll show more maps as they finish them. Then we’ll see the factions that come with those maps. I am sure that Americans will suddenly show up, and I sincerely hope that the French appear as well.

Speaking as a Briton, I truly believe that no country in the Great War deserves more recognition than the French.

Plus the French took in the Harlem Hellfighters, so I think we will see the French in Battlefield 1, as you can get the Harlem Hellfighter pack, might be in DLC tho

Here is the concept art you mentioned in full resolution!

Ok, a PC gamer article was just released. It says that the French will be in the game, but they will be introduced as part of a DLC dedicated to the army giving the French ‘special treatment’ when they’re introduced. They will, however, have a role in the Singleplayer at launch.

The confirmed multiplayer nations to be introduced at launch are the United Kingdom, United States, the Austro-Hungarians, Italians and the Ottomans.

Hmm the first bad move IMO. A main army should be present in the game from the start, I’d expect them to add more peripheral WW1 forces as DLC not one of the major ones. :confused:

interesting that the French (heavily involved in WWI) are not involved until a DLC is released…

Yes, this should be in the base game, not a DLC… But how does the Harlem Hellfighter fit in? Will they be in the base game or also just DLC?

They are a pre-order feature that will be available as dlc after launch, I think.

Ah demmit… that’s a bit disappointing

This chap provides a strong argument that the French will be an entirely free DLC for all players, with pass holders getting early access. His reasoning is quite solid to be honest.

If what he says is true (though, we must remember, it’s speculation) then I think we can forgive DICE for this move so long as we end up feeling that the French did indeed receive the special treatment that they have promised.

What do you lot think?

The American ranking system was a but of an annoying detail however, British ranks aren’t too different. It would be a small detail that could add great immersion if each different faction had slightly different ranking systems from one another.

Isn’t Titanfall 2 DLC being given out free? It’s like the devs/publishers (especially EA after SW:BF launched massively lacking content) have finally cottoned on, people generally don’t like swathes of DLC, especially when it splits the community.

Yes, this was confirmed, Titanfall 2 DLC’s will be free

Pretty sure they are in the base game

Any chance you have a side by side comparison of British vs American ranks?