The Introductions


What kind of forum would we be without the obligatory introductory thread. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Here are some starters.

  • where in the world are you?
  • what are your hobbies?
  • If you are bold enough, post a picture of your #battlestation (aka Battlefield playing area)



I’m from BERGEN,NORWAY & I’m a 43 years old Battlefield Vet. that have been lucky to follow DICE since they released Battlefield 1942 in 2002 (suddenly I felt old) :wink: My hobbies are playing the AWESOME Battlefield games of course! And I have a Rottweiler/Boer-Boel mix at 3years & 70kilos so my one of my otter hobbies are of course hiking and talking my big boy out into the nature and just enjoy the calmness that gives me, I also really like photography so I try to take so many photos of my hikes and walks out in the beautiful nature with my dog wich I used to post on a fb page that I made for my photo’s, but unfortunately I have rheumatism wich results in fingers without feeling because I dont get propper bloodflow in them and looks like my fingers are corpses - the same blugrey collor you get when your dead. So I have put the camera on the shelf for a while & hope I can come back with some more beatyfull Nature photo’s.
And I also like the work with page(s) and create content for them that people think is nice or informative like my Photopage & Platoon page on fb.
There was a little bit about me. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the battlefield forum. What is your favourite battlefield map of all time


Hi and thank you.
That was a difficult question to answer since I have been playing Battlefield since the first game.
I liked Iwo Jima in 1943 and many more up in the Battlefield history, but my favorite in recent game must be Metro in Bf4 I think.


WOuld love to see iwo jima make it into whatever Battlefield 2018 is going to be.


Yeah me too, that woud be awesome :slight_smile:


Hello Battlefielders! I am in San Diego, California. Can’t believe I never made an account on here! Absolutely love Battlefield 1 but always down to play Battlefield 4 and Hardline. I’ll hop on here later to show a picture of my Battlefield headquarters! Love to game, currently on PC and Xbox. Hope to see you all out on the battlefield!


Hey @ApolloK22 welcome to the Battlefeld forum! Lucky you in sunny California!

Cannot wait to get a look at your Battlefield headquarters.

You a PC gamer by any chance?


Hey / we never did get to see a picture of your Battlestation! With the upcoming announcement of the next Battlefield game, I hope there is a Battlefield theme in there somewhere.