The Objective: A Battlefield Podcast

The other day as I was messing around on my phone, I decided to do a search for any Battlefield podcasts, and sure enough a brand new one appeared in my feed. I subscriped riight away and gave it a listen.

The podcast started WAY back in August 2020 (which seems like 10 years ago considering what is going on around the world. The first episodes were a little dicey, but I have to say things have improved greatly during the last few months. We even have one of the hosts of the podcast, and this very forum, so @Dubfire33 well done on the podcast, keep up the good work. I wil post links to the podcast in this thread as they are released.

Episode 1: The Introduction


Epidose 2: Adapt or Die

Episode 3: But Does it Run Crysis

Episode 4: The Human Eye

Episode 5: IRL

Episode 6: Jeopady?

Episode 7: Teddy KGB

Episode 8: Devils NIght

Episode 9: Battlefield 6 News and Notes

Episode 10: 10th Episode!!!

Episode 11: BFV Review

Episode 12: Battlefield 2021

Episode 13: Battlefield 2021 Leaks and Rumors

Episode 14: Hardcore

Episode 15: Only Slightly Bad

Episode 16: No plan of attack

Episode 17: Spicy Takes

Spisode 18: Twitter-gate

Awesome to hear you found the pod simply through searching. Most of my audeince was garnered from another podcast community, The Dropshot, so good to hear I am expanding lol … Thanks for the kind words and the links.

Your welcome.
BTW, nice avatar. It looks awfully familiar!