Welcome to the Battlefield Forum

We aim to the the best and the biggest gaming community or gaming forum on the internet today. This site was started way back in 2016, however due to some serious technical issues, it was offline for a couple of years between 2018-2020. That being said, we are back!

While, the title of the board might be “Battlefield Forum” we are gamers at heart. If First Person Shooters (FPS ) are your thing, then this is the place for you.

So, who is the Battlefield Forum for? Simple - any gamers with a love for games, are welcome here. We don’t care if you are playing on a playstation 2, or a $15,000 uber PC. We are all gamers.

What can you find here on the Battlefield forums? Gamers, with a love for games. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself in the #general-discussions:da-intros category.

While the forums are just starting to come back to life you can fully expect a mature and engaging community with who you can share your love of video games with.

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