What other games do you play?

I don’t have very many games at all, but besides BF4, I play Rocket League, 7 Days To Die, Madden 16, HITMAN, and sometimes BO3 Zombies.


Lets hook up and do this! I love that game. Here are some others I play.

Fifa 16

and thats it

DOOM, Overwatch, CSGO, R6S, Dirt rally, BF4, BFH and Titanfall is the current games installed on my PC and I need to give DOOM some attention tonight, it’s been a while

Yeah - I play with a buddy of mine (XB1) all the time, however we are limited to non competitive matches

Doom? AS in the new one? Is it any good?

OK - I will be on tonight. I will send you an invite.

LOL! Me either.

Yes the new one, it’s awesome and I only played 2 rounds multiplayer

how does MP work in doom? Is it deathmatch?

If you enjoyed playing Quake 3 arena, you gonna love Doom MP, very fast, lot’s of jumping, no auto healing and you can even be a demon (there is a few to choose from, it’s part of your loadout) rather a few weapons to choose from and your character customization is a nice feature, they really did well with this game and it looks awesome the game

I play BF4 primarily, BFH occasionally and if I want to relax a little I play a Fallout 4.

I hate to admit it but I do play a bit of Black Ops 3 on occasion. I have also started playing a few old school games such as half life (the original) & Skyrim.

I enjoyed Quake about 15 years ago when my reflexes were a little sharper than they are today… Think I might wait for Doom to hit the bargain bin.

Black Ops? Oh man - you are not a full convert to #battlefield yet? Once you get some rounds of Battlefield 4 under your belt you will never again return to the dark side.

I know, I play Black Ops (please don’t shoot me). I did really enjoy Battlefield up until Hardline then I haven’t really picked it up since then.

yeah - thats like the rest of the crew. Most of the people skipped hardline. Those who bought it may have only pumped 10-15 hours into it

Yeah, I played the SHIT out of Battlefield 3. 4, not that much.
Hardline, I only had it for a month before selling it.

Wait a minute - you havent put much time into Battlefield 4??? Wassa mattah’ with you…

I never got around to it, and when I sold all my ps3 games I never got the time to re-buy BF4 on PS4 so I guess it’s just the fact I never got into it.

Ah ok! I gotta tell you, you are seriously missing out…