What platform will you be playing Battlefield 1 on?

Please take the time to vote.

Not many voters…

Hope so, want to figure out how many PC players there are so I can plan to shotgun them in the face on the Battlefield.

Yeah ill be playing on ps4 with my friend ekolimits he was at the battlefield 1 premiere Livestream and he was in matimios squad

Get that dude on the forum so we can chat with him

PS4 for me.

PS4 for me too!

PS4 over here!

Man - all you PS4 players might make me break down and get a console…

Make you break down? If you don’t get a PS4, there’ll be more than breaking down.

Again with the killer gif. That one is on point…

lemme ask you this. Do you have to pay extra to play online on PS4? I know on Xbox 360 you needed Xbox Gold…

Yes, but you get free games every month, like Rocket League and NBA 2K16 and some other indie game gems.
It’s around £5 a month, which is really cheap compared to Gold.

Probably works out to be about the same. When I was on 360, I think I paid $60 for the year, but there were no free games back then

Man a PS4 is a freaking cool thing, games are cheap on eBay especially if they are 6 months old, theres a ps4.5 neo meant to be coming out thats higher powered so you could get that, or get the standard model cheap, and they are pretty cheap, i got mine for about $340AU, I’ve got so much value out of it, can’t freaking believe how far they have come, coming back to gaming at 40 I’m blown away.
I won’t be getting a neo, the PS4 is completely powerful enough for me, and theres still at least 3 years left of the ps4 cycle, its a good time to buy one
Probably wouldn’t blow you away being a PC gamer lol but if you are gonna get a console i recon the ps4 is the way to go, its a bit more powerful than the xbox and being on the project cars forum the console guys state theres a big difference in performance on that particular game and it plays a lot better on the ps4.
Not to mention that if you like to get online the player base is much bigger.
I do like the xbox elite controller, but its rumoured sony is about to release one too.
The PS4 store does big sales all the time although i still think its cheaper buying online, then you can trade or swap your hard copy later.
Anyway you prob know all this stuff, I’m just dribbling on after a smoke :wink:

What is the purpose of a higher powered PS4? Dont the developers always have to develop for the lowest common denominator (slowest)? Does the PS4 have a native Netflix app?

Free games are really the dealbreaker. Why would I go to a platform that is priced almost identically when there is no “value add”?

PS4 also has exclusive rights to a Spotify app which Xbox don’t have.
The purpose is for much more stable framerate, better graphics, and if you already have PS4 games they work with the new PS4, so no need for separate platforms.


Xbox. You are dead to me.

Hey, Uber.
What’s your PSN?