What should come back? What should be removed?

Previous titles have had some great things brought back in BF3 or BF4 but maybe for BF5?

They’ve also had some things removed.

For BF5, I’d like to see the ultimate anti-troll/ anti-teabag = Dead Man’s Grenade from battlefield play4free.

I want RUSH to be relevant again. Rush was amazing in BC2 because it wasn’t linear like BF3 and BF4. By linear I mean there was more than one way to win. Arm the mcom or destroy it with c4 and/or spam grenade launcher.

Relevant destruction. Bad company 2 had the best maps ever made in Battlefield. Destruction was meaningful. I feel like destruction in BF3 and BF4 was just there to be there. It didn’t really have the effect it should have.

Free DLC. BF4 had it, but probably because DICE felt compelled to make up for a terrible buggy launch.

What is the dead mans grenade??

I want the destruction (specifically levolution) to be controllable from server side. Sometimes you just dont want stuff to get destroyed

Dead man’s grenade can be bound on battlefield play4free. There’s an addition to your soldier that…when you die…your body disappears and a grenade spawn blasting anyone that may be t-bagging you or is close to your body. Gives you a kill if they stand close to your dead body. It’s meant to counter t-baggers lol. Lots of servers ban dead man’s grenade because it stops trolls and they don’t like it.

Ahh, there was somethign very similar to that on Call of Duty Modern Warfare. (the original). It was some kinda perk. Easy kills.

Oh yeah! And you know in Battlefield some people love to stack on each other. I think I’ve seen dead man’s grenade take out 4 people that were hanging out around the dead body. Really funny stuff!

Yeah, of you could have dead mans grenade in Operation Metro, you would pile up the kills