What we have found in the Beta

As we all have enjoyed the Beta and could talk for hours about its addictive properties, its time to get down to business. The point of a beta is to test for problems, so to do our job right we need to right down any problems we encountered. If you let someone read your story, and they only say its good. Then you as a writer cannot grow based on the persons opinion. I’ll start:

Support needs some love when it comes to anti tank abilities. While an argument can be made that an unending supply of light anti- tank grenades is enough is sort of true. There is still the point that every other class has at least two ways to damage armor, the support only has one.
Scouts are an interesting thing. While anyone who has ever read one of my threads knows I favor historical realism and am biased to the bolt action. But maybe a ban on a certain number of scopes, say like 4 scoped rifles and the rest are iron sights. This way we avoid what some people want, a set number of only 4 to 6 scouts to a game.
Medics need some work with their revive mechanic. Players need to feel obligated to revive and heal others. in the past weak, I have only been revived twice. I’ve even had two medics take cover, using my dying body as cover. Its just sad. Also their grenade launchers need to be some what more accurate for gameplay sake, realism i’m cool with.
Assault is fine when used right, no notes from me.

Their need to be more was of killing them, something to turn the tide of war in rush.
Also the tank hunter Mark V is amazing… I could not stop laughing.

What is the point trench fighter. The shotgun shot it releases does nothing from what I saw.
Bomber first person bug, the gunners will have no faces.

Game Modes:
Didn’t really mind Conquest, don’t play it that much.
Rush… give me a moment.
Rush needs work, tank count is one thing, There should be at least a 3 to 2 tank count at all times to keep the game some what even. Again, more things to kill tanks with please. Also Artillery needs to work like Call of duty. You need to be able to look at a map and point out two areas to bombard for every telegraph. that will really add to the intensity of the fight.
Maybe add some air craft in the game as well and boost the player count to either 16 v 16 or 24 v 24.

Thats all from me, what do you think.