What's hardly like?

I’ve played the demo but found it rubbish what do others think?

It is not a BAD game by itself, but is it worth the Battlefield name? i dont think so. Also, it is prctically impossible to find a server that is populated. not good for a MP game

I think its not a bad Game and doesn’t deserve the bad press it has been given…
Ok its BF3 or even BF4 but still a good game none the less… specialy with friend’s or with your platoon…

I personally think it shouldnt have been associated with the “Battlefield” name. Not in the same class

Agree good game but not bf good… and still better then cod in my eyes

I actually bought hardline last week on sale because bf4 is becoming less attractive for me.
So I might start venturing into hardline some more in the coming months.
I played the hardline beta before release but it just didn’t feel like battlefield although it kinda looks like it.

I hope it has been improved since the beta, I haven’t played it much since I got it.

I only started about a month its not as bad as some say

well i play on ps4 and pc ! its awesome fun its a not so serious bf game has good pace , nice to just pick up and have some fun with :wink: and i still play all the other battlefield games so dont hate me for liking hardline i,m old and dont need telling i,m wrong lol :wink:

I dunno man, Modern Warfare IV, or whatever it was called was a pretty decent game, and I would say it is heads and shoulders above Hardline

i played half a round of mw then threw it in the bin didnt even trade it in i was that pissed off by it ! just my opinion though it was not for me even though i loved 2142

The way I see Battlefield Hardline, it is very infantry based, which is awesome for me because that is all I do in Battlefield 4, maybe a bit of tanking (get 2 - 3 kills and death) but I would quit a server if a skilled vehicle player is dominating the game, then I jump into Hardline, the auto triggers from the criminals is usually very funny, stuff like ‘fuck you cop’ and ‘watch out for that whirly bird!’ Just makes it more enjoyable for me

bfh isn’t what we expected or it is a failure

2142 was an aquired taste. Some of the community just loved it, while others… Well, didnt

I would have to say it is a failure. If you look at the current number of live players compared to BF4 (and BF4 is WAY older), it is not even close

Yes true, I think Hardline has 400% less players compared to Battlefield 4

%400 might not even be in the same balpark


That first one is Hardline

shit… luckily I found about 3 servers on Hardline which is usually full during the evening

Stick with them and hope that they do not go away!

Agreed! I see that another DLC for Hardline is for free, Getaway I think its

Yeah - to me that smells of desperation. PLEASE COME PLAY OUR GAME!