What's the difference between Trololo & T-bag?

And what do you think about it?

I have no idea! But a Tbag is when you smoke someone and crouch over and over on their face.

Thanks 4 your reaction! Yeah I know that but some times they say Trololo and another time T-bag for the same action… It’s really confusing but before I made this post I was searching on Google, and then u c a lot of xxx because of the T-bag. I think T-bag is crouching and Trolololo is jumping. There are servers called: ‘the t-bag room’ (lol) but I c on a lot servers: no t-bagging. I’m wondering what People think about it…

Dont knw why trololo would be hjumping, but then again, I am not one of “those” gamers

I think ‘ShoSho’ is really funny :slight_smile:

Lol, I hate getting t-bagged, I know there is also splashbagging, going prone repeatedly by pressing (default key) Z continuesly

got a clip of that? Not sure I know what you mean

Trying to find one and I have failed… Might end up making a quick video about it and post it here

That would be sweet man!

Haha, okay, will do

Didn’t you guys know T-Bagging is a thing of the past!?!?1?!?

xD the sexy man post!