What's the last song/track you listened to?

The one and only U2

Thats a classic right there…

Ever since the drop of the Green Fields of France video - I have been all over the Fureys.

Probably because I used it in my last BF4 video

Nice! Added it to my Spotify playlist…

Any of you guys on Spotify that want to share some of your playlists?

I use sound cloud but there is a bunch of weird music on there that I personally enjoy and not sure if everyone will enjoy it

So, is soundcloud a legit streaming service? thought it was more for independant labels etc.

Here is one of my playlists
(serach for Blackburn gaming music, link not working)

There is a few independent labels as well, but you can find the loading music for BF4 on Soundcloud as well

Listening to it right now…


Let the battle of the gifs ensue!


Oh man - has this thread gone off the rails.


My job here is done.

Oh no, that’s not me, that’s a fake Blackburn xD how do I post soundcloud link?


Oh… never mind…


For some reason the soundcloud embed isnt working… Something for @admin to fix