When you see a tank in Battlefield 1


Its so hard to destroy tanks espicaly on Rush mode
And bad performance on BF1 PS4
By the way it BETA ! I hope will be fixed!

Sure, tanks are OP but that was the way it was in world war 1, you can always equip anti tank grenades, the anti tank rifle and the light anti tank grenade to your assault class

With that load out you will probably ask

‘Tank? What tank?’

See how those tank operators stay close to their spawn point because they keep losing a tank, haha

You’re right Blackburn. The problem is that there is hardly any assault in the games (in my experience). Perhaps classes should be rebalanced in a way they all can deal with tanks, or it is that people don’t know how to use them. But you can go on amazing killstreaks with them.

Yes true, medic’s is even more of a problem and no one revives, I think each class should have the anti tank grenade, I mean it’s world war 1 and everyone knew about the terror of the tank

Yeah - you have no choice but to rum and hide when you see a tank coming.

Yeah - but you have to do a lot of grinding before you unlock the anti tank stuff. I just got it now at level 26

I just started playing medic, and it is super easy to get points by throwing med packs around.

I forgot about the grinding part, I guess I am just use to it, but that anti tank canon is fun! Even if there is a scout (or 2) on a distanced mountain… rip…

I love the idea of having 2 small medic bags, medic class is fun to play with considering the weapons you can use as a medic, but should they add anti tank grenades to the medic?