Which DLC is your favorite?

I personally really enjoy the Naval Strike DLC.

And of course that is the one that I didnt actually get around to playing

I like the DLC Hardline even though it costed money… lol jk i bought premuim cause why not but liked it all really depending on what style or mode you play.

I am afraid I am not much of a Hardline fan even though I get it for free as part of the EA Vault offering… I can never find a server with anyone on it

yea i know… i wish i didnt… sad panda


Anyway - welcome ot the forum @The_Sly_Panda/Twitch.tv

thank you

I don’t really have a specific DLC which I like. I just like certain map/mode combinations better than others.

Agreed, as long as it’s not Golmud railway, Rogue transmission, paracel storm or lang cang dam, I can play the game