Wiild_28 ♡ (Wiild28)

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That throw though! Just launched it lol

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Many Hours of practice :upside_down_face:

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Serious destruction happening in that clip!

Where did you finish in the final rankings? That 20 seconds of mayhem must have helped you finish in the top three?

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Finished at 2sd rank if I remember well ! Was pretty fun tbh !

When you play Battlefield, do you always have it setup to record just in case you get one of those killer rounds that you want to share?

Or do you stream?

I do both, like on ps4 we can record our games for some minutes or one hour without streaming but most of the time i stream for hours :slight_smile:

WHat platform do you stream on? Twitch?

When recording on PlayStation, how long can the recording be? Is there a way to export it so you can edit the video?

Mostly on twitch yes, to my opinion it’s the best platform to stream but sometimes in Facebook gaming too. And you, Do u stream ?

We can record between 5 , 15, 30 or 1 hour, dependour choice.
Then we can edit directly with ps4, we have an application call Shary Factory but we mostly export our video on a pc for editing

No, I am not a streamer at all. But I do have Amazon Prime, which I think comes with Twitch premium, so maybe one of these days I will.

I need to wrap my head around how it all works.

If i can help you in anything, don’t hesitate to ask !

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I will for sure! See you on the Battlefield

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That will be with pleasure ! :slight_smile:

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