World War 2 Edition Battlefield Hardline

This is a server/idea I am testing on PS4 and if all goes well will move to PC. More info in this reddit post:

And here is some gameplay from a stream I did earlier today:

Any feedback on the idea is appreciated and should either be posted in the comment section of one of my videos or on the reddit post. Thanks

This is a link to the PC server:

@Lazergaming How are you doing this? From what I remember, mods are not supported in any of the recent Battlefield games

Its just a ton of custom server setting :stuck_out_tongue:

@Lazergaming ANy chance you can do a video on HOW you actually do this? Pretty interesting to me!

Releases in 12 hours :slight_smile: it’s a complete overview of everything you need to know

Can’t wait to have a look at it when it is all good to go!